Friday 24 April 2020

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Bug Jam VW Festival
Summer VW show at Santa Pod with Drag Racing, RWYB, 4 music arenas, live bands, DJs, comedy, traders, funfair and camping.

Big Bang VW Festival 
VW Show at Santa Pod Raceway with Drag Racing, show n shine, music, kids activities, stunt displays, funfair, traders and camping.

Santa Pod Raceway
Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire, England is the home of European FIA Drag Racing, the fastest and loudest motorsport on earth, and hosts 80 events annually

Brighton Breeze VW Show
This London to Brighton 'Fun-Run' organised by the Split Screen Van Club ends with a VW show event on Brighton Seafront.

This UK based VW Volkswagen car and camper magazine has been running since 1987 and also hosts the annual VolksWorld VW show exhibition.

VW Heritage
This Shoreham UK based car parts supplier specialises in classic aircooled and watercooled VW Volkswagen Beetle, Golf, and camper van parts.

Just Kampers
This Hook UK based car parts supplier specialises in automotive parts & accessories for VW Campers, Vans, Transporters, & Beetles. T1, T2, T25, T4, T5, & Beetle ranges.

Europe's largest Aircooled VW Community, with forums for discussions, technical questions and For Sales and Wanted Sections.

An online site for enthusiasts of the Early 'Low Light' VW Bay Window Type 2's (1967-72) vans, with forums for discussions, technical questions and For Sales and Wanted Sections.

Saturday 18 April 2020

After 2005

demon dweebs after 2005

From 2006 onwards rust and life took its toll and the club became more fragmented with Beetles and vans often in bits and off the road more than on the road.

Club meets took place monthly, when running vehicles permitted, and usually involved a cruise from the meet up point at Brighton Marina on to, initially Shake-n-Burger Diner in Southwick, which subsequently closed down, and then later The Smugglers Rest pub on the coast road at Peacehaven.

Bonfire night meet ups were avoided after becoming jinxed, including Helen's Beetle getting totaled by a uninsured driver one year.

There was usually a combined effort swap meet table at Brighton Breeze each year.

Paul's blue split camper, Shaun's black split microbus, Steve's blue earlybay, and Tom's custom blue marathon Beetle were still going strong, all of them having VW magazine features at some point.

Barrett went from a crazy split van to an earlybay project, and some dabbling with high BHP water cooled VW cars.

Darius had a work in progress bay camper tucked away in a garage.

Matt had more project cars in his garage than any of us could count, not sure if he has ever finished any of them!

Stu, Tom, and Jim always had a project on the go in a barn hidden somewhere out in the sticks.

Rob had a ratty camo green splitty who's engine I helped rebuild a few times.

My Beetle became beyond repair and was sold to a trader for parts in 2009.
My Westfalia earlybay camper was sold to a new owner planning a full resto in 2010.

Memorable Xmas meet ups included:
Early 2000's at Bombay Aloo in Brighton.
2008 at Woodies Longboard Diner in Hove.
2011 at The Mesmerist in Brighton.
2012 at The Ole Ole Tapas Bar in Brighton.
I'm sure there were more.

I think the last time I saw everyone together, including Grant, was at Paul's wedding.

I kept in regular contact with Paul and Jim up to 2012, going to the Pub most Weds evenings.

If you're a dweebs veteran say hello and leave a comment.

Bug Jam 2005

Bug Jam 2005

I think 2005 was the last year I visited Santa Pod with the club.

It might have been the year that Scotty drove up from Cornwall in a VW T4 van.

Bug Jam 2005 was another vintage year, very much like 2000, you could still stand in the barn behind the fire up area, and everyone just chilled out and enjoyed the weekend, despite the mediocre weather.

Club members present, as best as I can remember, were Jon, Paul, Matt, Pete, Stu, Jim, Tom, Nicole, and more.

Lots of pics, digital camera technology was evolving quickly.

Bug Jam 2005 official video on YouTube