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Club history

demon dweebs VW club history

demon dweebs vw club

A Brief History of Time: From Bug Jam to Big Bang and back again!

Grant (Stig) had been into the newly emerging UK aircooled VW scene of the late 80's attending early Bug Jam events at Santa-Pod around 1988, and by the early 1990's he had hooked up with Russ and Austin and the seeds of the club sown.

Taking inspiration from the cultural influences at the time, Grant turned his creative hand to branding the new club, and the official club name and demon dweebs stick-man / mascot logo were officially born

Grant admits that the early years are a bit hazy, but the club grew and many new members came and went, and some time around 1994/95 the club won the rust and prime at Beetle Bash, an honor that was to be repeated by member Pete (Mo) with his Type 3 Notch Back at Brighton Breeze 2002.

For the rest of the 90's Bug Jam, and Big Bang at Santa Pod Drag Strip were regularly attended, resulting in the idea at Big Bang 2000 by Jeff (Bobb-Dobbs), Grant (Stig) and Gareth (SlackGareth) for a club race car.

A year of mad activity saw some amazing acts of generosity within the UK VW scene and the 'ProjectCa$hback' drag car had its public debut at Brighton Breeze 2001, and first drag strip run at BugJam 2001.

Ca$hback was run for 2 seasons, resulting in a best 1/4mile time of 15ish seconds. Ca$hBack was regularly featured in the now deceased Total VW magazine, and full articles can be found in the Sept 2000, Nov 2000, Dec 2000, Xmas 2000 issues, as well as Jeff's (Bobb Dobbs) beetle in Sept 99, and Stu's lowrider T25 in Oct 2000.

By the end of 2002 Grant (Stig) had moved his focus away from the dweebs, having started up a lowrider hydraulics company in Brighton, called Lowlife Hydraulics.

This was followed by some disagreements within the club about the future of Ca$hback, resulting in Ca$hback being passed onto the CheshAir VW club, and a number of club members moving onto new interests.

But the club bounced back again and for the next few years had an excellent turn out for the monthly meets, VW shows, and Xmas get togethers.

However, rust and life eventally took its toll and the club drifted apart around 2010.

Members names I can remember, in no particular order:

Grant (Stig) / Austin / Russ / Anton / Jeff (Bobb Dobbs) / Gareth (SlackGareth) / Neil / Scotty (Lowrider) / John (Bumhole) / Matt / Pete (Mo) / Paul / Jim / Stu / Tom / Nicole / Carly / Shaun & Nicky / Barrett / Steve & Liv / Darius / Rob / Jon / Wes / Craig / Clive / Darren / Rob / Mark / Scot / Sheryl / Susi / Mark & Tess / Tim & Emma / Andy / ............

If you're a dweeb veteran let me know if you've been left off the list, post a comment and get in touch, it's always good to catch up on old times.

Once a dweeb always a dweeb.

Jon (PetrolHead)

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