Friday 17 April 2020

Bug Jam 2000

demon dweebs at Bug Jam 2000

The weather can be hit or miss at Santa Pod Raceway, and for Bug Jam 2000 the sun was shining brightly, the weather was great, and fun times were had by all.

Club members present, as best as I can remember, were Grant, Jeff, Gareth, Scotty, Jon, John, Sheryl, and more.

Grant and Scotty were both in lowrider mode running hydraulics on their van and Beetle respectively, John was running a fast Split Beetle, Jeff painted the side of his van with a Bug Jam demon dweebs logo, and Jon was in his, at that time, pink Beetle.

Grant woke us up each morning with full blast Josh Wink Higher State Of Consciousness.

We stood in the barn directly behind the jet car whilst it fired up and felt the full force of heat, smoke, and flying grit.

Scotty had some lowrider induced issues on the way home with a blown out tyre on the motorway!

Good times.

Bug Jam 2000 official video on YouTube

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