Friday 17 April 2020

Project Ca$hback

project Ca$hback VW Beetle drag race car

During the period 2000 - 2002 the demon dweebs developed and raced the project Ca$hback VW Beetle drag race car.

demon dweebs ca$hback team cashback vw

Ca$hback was probably the cheapest VW Beetle drag racer ever built.
Thats cheap on CO$T not cheap on quality, with the car being built from parts and labour donated from some of the largest names in the UK VW scene at the time, along with many equally enthusiastic individuals, all of whom have made project Ca$hback possible.

The original team comprised the following dweeb members:

Jeff (Bob Dobbs)          

Grant (Stig)

Gareth (Slack Gareth)

Jon (Petrolhead)



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